Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bringing Copenhagen closer

I'm always tickled pink when I get to learn something from my two little smartie pant kids. The other day, as I cleaned out a glass jar and prepared to toss it into the Recycle bin, Saanya came running from where she was putting her doll baby to bed and snatched the jar out of my hand, "Mommy, don't recycle, reuse." Arjun joined the crime scene with a concerned look on his face and then he proceeded to tell me about how the planet was being choked by landfills.
"We need to make less trash, Mommy," they both sermonized and humbled, I tucked the jar away, vowing to find something to put in it.
While this little exchange warmed my heart and gave me a little boost at the political awareness of the next generation, I will admit that I have not been following Copenhagen so closely. I'm not un-jaded enough to have high hopes from a political summit. However, this piece here caught my eye today - it details the art installations around Copenhagen and whether you beleive in taking action against climate change or not, this is worth a look.

And then, if you are itching for a healthy dose of reality, click over to this section about the forces that are gearing up to derail any progress that **might** be made at the Summit.

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