Thursday, July 2, 2009

After a few days off from the blog - because I was completely wiped out from work - I couldn't help but come back and share this absolutely absurd video from Fox News. I have no words to describe the content or the people featured here

I was going o stay away from the entire Sanford saga - I mean, what's new about a politician- a right wing politician defending the sanctity of marriage and upholding moral values while "crossing lines" - sexual, international and what not, with no concern for the people they are supposed to govern and lead - but this video below is classic. I certainly didn't mean for today's post to turn into sarcastic but hilarious video edition - but hey, its the long weekend. You have time on your hands

Since I've already set the sparring tone, I'm going to finish up with venting about a pet peeve of mine. People who make a living out of digging up dubious arcane statistics, recycling crap as parenting advice and make the rest of us feel like idiots. I saw a link for "Put safety first on July 4th" This is the first year that we've actually bought fireworks for the kids. We did it for Diwali - so that on the day of the festival, the kids could have a few sparklers. So I clicked on the link and came to this article
Maybe there are people out there who get so caught up in the day that they forget to drink water, or apply sunscreen when they are out in the sun or who let their kids run around with dangerous fireworks. But let's face it - those people are probably not reading the "Family Manager" articles. So its the rest of us who are already panicked over the well being of our extremely well cared for and protected kids who will read this and end up being the freak parents chasing their kids on July 4th with a bottle of water and a tube of sunscreen.
I'm no parenting expert but here's my advice - relax, have a good time. Enjoy the kids and the time off - let the computer & blackberry stay at home. Nothing is burning! Happy July 4th everyone!

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