Monday, July 6, 2009

Spoiled by Beauty

Warning - In this post, I might sound like one of those spoiled, over-privileged brats from NYC Prep, however, the only thing I am boasting about is the absolute natural beauty I am surrounded by here in the Pacific Northwest. Spent July 4th weekend over on the San Juan islands - Friday Harbor specifically. So gorgeous! The sights at every step - starting right after at the ferry and then al along the island - beautiful, majestic beaches, wide open shimmering waters and lush, lush landscapes - were incredible. The whole trip came together at the umpteenth minute - even as two families were driving to the ferry, we were calling the third family that ended up meeting us there. We did all the fun, touristy stuff like whale watching, renting bikes and riding around the island, watching the July 4th fireworks and came back blissed out and happy. The kids had a blast too - they ran around the yard from sunrise to sunset, watched TV after that and in general, were very sad to leave. So what's the lesson in all of this
1. Go with the flow - vacations don't really need to be planned weeks in advance - last minute stuff is fun too
2. Don't knock the touristy stuff until you've tried it
3. If you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, come on out here.
4. If you do live here, hope you appreciate the gorgeousness of it all

Cool Phones - Part of the fun was the fact that our house had no wireless capabilities whatsoever - no internet, no cell phones. The minute we were back in civilization though, the iPhone owning crowd among us were on their phones - browsing, clicking, Facebook-ing. So to those devotees who worship at the altar of their iPhone's beauty, I present this feature from WebUrbanist on the coolest phones ever. Concept phones, anyone? Now this is beauty!

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