Monday, July 13, 2009

Sound advice

Happy Monday everyone! Summer celebrations in my little town this weekend - Saturday was HOT, in the sense of the weather, I mean. We spent the entire morning watching the town parade where the local elected officials marched along with my daughter's Montessori school, my son's Martial Arts school and the local Boys & Girls Scouts. Then the kids bounced on about 10 bouncy rides in the park - that were pay to play, of course. The day ended with a spontaneous gathering of friends at our house - we had dinner and watched a movie. Great time! So again, urging you to try the spontaneity thing if you haven't so far. It makes for a good time without the stress of planning.

I'm on a bit of a high horse here today, so here goes. I've had this discussion with so many friends. All charitable souls looking for something to do but not quite sure how. Check out his story -hope this provides some inspiration

And finally, leaving on a note of style and subtlety, check out this image on the Sartorialist. Usually, I admire the images but they are out of my style league but this one, perhaps because it is not directly applicable to me, seems very achievable and low key. This is one for the guys - check it out.

Have a great week everyone - think good thoughts and have fun!

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