Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama checking out rear end, GM emerges from bankruptcy

Here are the latest pictures doing the rounds, apparently President Obama was photographed checking out some ahem, views at the G8 summit in Italy. Obviously, the comments are different depending on where you look - but before you move on to the sites to read the comments, what do you think? What is he really looking at? And if it is what it looks like, ummm, so what?

In other boring updates, if you didn't already know that time flies, GM has already emerged from bankruptcy - it even has a shiny new logo to show for it. Its going to need much more than that, that's for sure. Besides all the usual blah about making cars and trucks that people want, they also plan to be more environmentally focussed (hence the green logo), launch a website called Tell Fritz for people to go online and complain about issues with management and finally a deal with eBay to test online auctioning. I'm wishing them the best - I'm all for second chances.

Finally, in case you were looking for something a little fancier than your folding chair to bring to the next outdoor movie or bbq, check out this inflatable furniture from Pretty darn cute!

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