Friday, June 19, 2009


Short post for today..I'm exhausted from the week. It's annual review time at work - time for high intrigue and drama! My manager stopped by after a meeting where he discussed me and my performance and he looked very tired...encouraging or not, There is so much advice out there about managing your career and some of it is downright conflicting, cancelling out. ending up in zero - you get the point. For instance, people have told me "You are responsible for your own career, no one else will manage it for you. Everyday, you need to be thinking about your career." And then others who say."Dont focus too much on your career, it will distract from your work." I was incredulous when I heard that last piece of advice, but slowly I'm coming to see the wisdom of it. Here is my takeaway - You need to be thinking and planning your career, aware of the direction you're taking, the skills you're adding and where you're headed in a year, 2 years or 5. But on a day to day basis, do the best you can and dont stress over things you cant control. Things like how well others are doing and what they are getting credit for.

And on that piece of advice, here is a nice post from the Brazen Careerist - it talks about perceptions and how you create them to your advantage. You've probably read that good looking people do better in interviews (now you know!). Read on for some good advice on creating impressions of tallness (they say it helps)

Have a great weekend. Happy Father's Day!!

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