Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Vacation...Foxy times & Jimmy Choo shoes

Last day of school today...summer vacation started. Hard to believe first grade is over. Arjun brought home a great report card- so proud of him! The only area he needs to practice is on time management...the kid's a dreamer and a perfectionist. Not a good combination when you need to get stuff done on a timeline. I'm going to be investing in a loud egg timer this summer - hope that helps.

Had our usual diner time argument with Saanya who refused to eat the stir fry I made, which was quite good, if I do say so myself.
The conversation went something like this
Me - "Saanya, you like baby corn. Eat the baby corn."
Saanya - "No mommy, I used to like it. I don't anymore."
Me - "OK, well, you still have to eat it."
Saanya - "Mommy, you're not the boss of me."
Me - "Yes, I am."
Arjun pitches in - "Yes, Saanya, she is. She really is."
Saanya - "Mommy, and you're being mean."
Me - "Bosses are supposed to be mean."
Saanya - "No, Mommy. No one is supposed to be mean. It makes other people sad."
As usual, I ran out of stuff to say after that.

On to bigger stories, check out the DailyKos site for coverage of Fox News crying foul at the fact that ABC will be inside the White House broadcasting a special prime time report on the health care reform plan. They are upset because it is one channel getting this access...and its not them. DailyKos has this amusing clip about Fox being caught with its pants down - guess what, they had the same access and more, to the Bush White House. Watch them crying foul below - and then being exposed. Not that it matters to Fox or it's watchers. Read the article on too.

Jimmy Choo and budget..words not typically belonging in the same sentence. But its a brave new world we live in. None other than the WSJ report that Jimmy Choo will design a special line for H&M. Check out the story here and then get in line.

Sorry to end on a depressing note but I found this great blog called the The Big Picture - its part of the Boston Globe now and has an amazing series of photojournalsm stories. The latest one is on West Bank and the Jewish settlements there. You have to check it out.

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