Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weisure Anyone?

So, CNN has an article today about "Weisure Time" - leisure and work. Check it out here - but tell me this, is this news to you? Sadly (or not), its the way our life has been for some time now. I've tried and failed repeatedly to create a computer free zone or time in my house and it doesn't happen. I have a permanent crick in my shoulder from keyboard and trackpad use, Puneet would start hyperventilating if I took his iPhone away from him and my kids will clean their room from top to bottom if I promise them 30 min on the computer. On our last vacation, Puneet conducted an interview en route and we were both working nonstop in Cancun, Mexico. Doesn't look like it, huh? Well, that's the trick.

Along with sunnier climes outside, things at Microsoft are also looking good. I am loving the new Search Engine - Bing. If you have not already, check it out- GO NOW! It's getting great reviews and the pictures on the home page with the little mouseover nuggets are pretty awesome. I love it - tell me what you think.
Also head on over to BBC.com to check out this article on Microsoft's new controller for XBox. And if you want to know more, just Bing it! Join the Facebook Bing fan club. Here's a video

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