Saturday, May 30, 2009


I kept thinking to myself yesterday....what a perfect day! Despite the fact that Puneet had to leave on a weekend business trip - yes, you read that right and yes, I do trust him fully that it was a business trip, I was having a good day. I pulled out a new top that I had bought at Nordstrom (their half yearly sale is still on BTW- incredible deals) a week ago.

The entire Consumer Marketing team was going on an offsite - lunch and a movie at the Big Picture in Redmond Town Center. The kids woke without any major drama, I handed them over to Mom and Dad and sailed out, dressed up and feeling great. The meeting before the movie was great. I always love it when I can sit in a big group and be part of a bigger vision - I contributed, I learned and it was great. The movie we watched was the Transformers - not the movie I would have picked but it was still fun...I kept thinking how much Arjun would enjoy it.

Headed home after the movie and saw a vmail from Arjun's school on my cell - without listening to it, I knew it he had missed his bus. I knew it because that's what I would do as a kid - he's alarmingly like me in that respect - off in his own world, thinking, dreaming. I picked up Mom who was waiting at his bus stop, picked up Arjun and Saanya and then off to swim lessons and then to the school - Hoe-Down. If you didn't know what a Hoe-Down is, join the club. I panicked the first time I heard Arjun say that and resolved to speak to the school about the kind of language he was being exposed to at school. But I learnt that it was something to do with dances and music and calmed down soon thereafter.

After doing the cha-cha and hula hooping, I was exhausted and craving some nice, spicy Indian food. Bribed the kids to go Udipi - I promised them rose milk and a movie the next day. At the restaurant, as usual, Mom kept after the kids to finish their food. It's an obsession that evades me - the Grandma desire to see the kids stuff themselves. Anyway, if you've ever been to Udipi, you know there is a giant rock outside the restaurant. I promised Saanya she could climb it if she finished her milk, which she almost did. As they ran to the rock, I saw Saanya hesitate near the bottom. I knew something was wrong and despite my instincts, I approached and asked her if she was OK. In response, she threw up her entire meal all over me and my new top - 4 times. Throughout it all, I shocked myself by continuing to hold her and tell her, it was all OK and she would be fine. So anyway, thanks to swim lessons and my gym bag that's always in the trunk of the car, we wiped up as best we could. I changed into my gym shirt and we headed home. As I was giving Saanya her bath, Mom appeared on the bathroom door asking if she should give Saanya some milk. I was incredulous, to say the least. "What," Mom challenged, "you want her to go to bed on an empty stomach?"
Sigh...the way I see it, the day was still perfection, a lovely day capped off by a learning experience. Dont stuff kids - they know how much want to eat. As Saanya mumbled while falling asleep, "That's why I threw up because my tummy is not big enough yet." And the Mom who would happily feed you Ramen noodles for a week will transform into a Grandma who will obsess about the nutritional value of each morsel your kids eat. It's all good!!
And the movie I promised the kids, we going to see UP...I've heard great things..very excited. It's all 5 stars reviews so far, check back for mine.

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