Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Did you know the answer to that? The answer is 5 - the Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger, the IndoChinese tiger, South China tiger and the Sumatran tiger. There are only 30 of the South China tigers left :-(
I learned all this because I spent 2.5 hours today helping my almost 7 year old finish up his report on tigers. His class has been working on the project for 2 weeks now and he still didn't finish it. Of course, husband is on a business trip and the 4 year old wants to be entertained and the 7 year old wants to do everything but his report. He says it he couldn't get it done because he couldn't find enough facts during class and it was too noisy. Even though I know he has a time management problem, I have to agree with the noisy part. I've been in that classroom - its like a zoo. The teacher is able to ignore everything and gt on with her work but I am not sure a 7 year old who tends to the queit, sensitive side can do the same. How does a kid go two weeks without making any progress on his project and the teacher does not know? Especially when she knows he tends to lag in such projects? What's so disheartening is that this is one of the best school districts in the state. Is this the case in all public schools? Or all schools for that matter? Are private schools better? Do kids actually get to talk to their teachers there? I didn't grow up in America and my schools ( I went to 6 before I graduated High School - Army brat in India) were a mixed bag. But the one thing we had was order and ample time with teachers. They were in control, perhaps too much, but for the most part, students could chat with teachers. I realize there are different values being enforced here, but for the sake of
wallflower kids, I'm starting to think a little more discipline wouldn't hurt. What do you think? do your kids go to private or public elementary schools? What are your experiences?

To finish up on the tigers, check out this cool video - you'll love it - I promise although you might tear up a bit! Enjoy.

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  1. Same school district, same age/grade, different teacher--no way would that be the environment in Alex's class this year! But, I do worry about the talk (and inevitability) of larger class sizes. But, we lucked out this year and had excellent teachers, with orderly, but fun learning environments.