Friday, May 15, 2009

A book abut Mothers, Participatory Design & Randon Cool Site.

This morning I heard a great interview on NPR. Ruth Reichl (Gourmet magazine's Editor-in-Chief) was talking about her book "Not Becoming My Mother." It was a great interview, I had to pull into a parking lot for a few minutes because I found myself too absorbed in listening. You can listen to the interview at the KUOW website. The topic - Mothers - speaks to most of us, differently, of course. I enjoyed the interview and I probably will get the book. If you end us getting it, please share your thoughts.

Just for Fun!
Here's something cool for you to try. You could help out a friend in need, or just get some cool points -

Need Inspiration?
Heard of participatory design? Check out theWhereBlog to get up to date on this cool project in India where poor urban women are working with designers on a housing project.

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  1. I really enjoyed Ruth's book about her stint as a New York Times restaurant critic before her start with Gourmet. I'll check this one out.