Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interactive Recession Map, Hot When Wet Contest, Wall Street Bonuses and President Clinton in Haiti.

Derek Jeter, Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, Hilary Clinton, Korean pop star Rain and Obama... where you find all these people together? In the Huffington Post slideshow where you get to rate who is hottest when wet. Check it out here.

Wondering where exactly we are in the recession right now? How bad is it where you are? If you are in the US, check out this interactive map that lets you click to find out the state of economy in your neck of the woods.

Those banks are determined to pay their bonuses, however undeserved. Now they are using life insurance from their workers to pay the bonuses. The WSJ has the full story.

President Bill Clinton is UN's special envoy to Haiti and will help the poorest country in the Americas in social and economic reform. While Haitian's celebrate, there is also caution about reading too much into the appointment.

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