Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Westport, WA - Beach Vacation, with a twist

For the Memorial day weekend, we went away to Westport, WA - which promised a relaxing beach escape. Wilfully ignoring the Northwest weather and briefly lulled into ignorance by the 48 hours of sunshine we had, I unpacked the tropical vacation gear accumulated in Maui - read shorts and straw hats and sunscreen. Imagine my horror when I woke to people strolling on the beach in warm woolly hats, fleece jackets and boots! For a girl who never saw a beach for the first 25 years of life, I've seen a few of them now - from Jones beach in New York to the Jersey shores and sunnier climes in Hawaii and Mexico. jackets and sand just don't tumble out of my mouth in the same sentence.

Once I got over the cloudy, cold-ish temperature though, I was able to admire the beauty of the wide open beach. We had a gorgeous sunset view from the condo - I literally saw the sun dip and disappear into the horizon right before my eyes. It was rather amazing.

An "un-sunny" beach also meant that I didnt have to feel guilty about lounging around inside for a good portion of the morning. We could drink our coffee in peace and venture out when it was warm enough and then stay out till late- my kind of vacation. The kids had a grand time - climbing sand dunes, go-karting (yes, there was a go-kart thing around the corner) & collecting strangely beautiful shells - anyone know what these round shells with a flower mark on top are? I've never seen those before.

They wanted to stay there forever, as they do with every vacation we take. I also realized that we take a lot of trips - in the 3 years we've been in Seattle, we've been to New York, India, Hawaii and Mexico, 4 trips to Vancouver, 4 to Portland and countless little sojourns to islands close by. No wonder these kids are experts at packing their suitcases! I'll be adding more pics to FaceBook.

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  1. The shells are sand dollars and it's hard to find a fully intact one; they are treasures.