Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, I'd never heard of the term before I heard this story on NPR today. Apparently, in Utah bartenders couldn't hand drinks to patrons right over the counter. All bars had this partition mostly glass separating the alcohol prep area from the customers. The partition was supposed to make drinking taboo. Not sure how the glass partition helped with that but anyway, its a thing of the past. The Zion curtains started coming down today. You still cannot order alcohol in Utah without ordering food too...and here's something else, the curtains come down for old restaurants but new establishments have to prepare alcohol in a back room. Forbidden fruit, anyone?

On another note, I've been looking for a nice pretty but not too teenage-y skirt that I could wear to work and also casual gatherings. This one by LA Stylist Mom is great because it is pretty, simple and best of all - does not break the bank!! My kind of fashion.

I love books, I've loved them ever since I can remember. I don't just love reading them but the objject itself, the book jacket, the pages, the look of the letters on the page..its all sublime. I'll just say that I do not feel the same about Sarah Palin. I wont go into politics here but it just upsets me beyond belief that Sarah Palin now has a book deal. Its not that I grudge her the cash or that I dislike her politics, its just sad to me that books are commodities to be sold & marketed. At least I know what I am getting with Sarah Palin's book. How many times in the recent past have I been disappointed after buying a book that had 'glowing reviews'. I grew up a little the day it dawned on me, "It's just a business, that's all it is."


  1. Been to Utah to visit relatives (no, I'm not from there!) and we observed the no eat, no drink rule. People in SLC won't even admit they drink coffee, but you can see them slip out of the local Starbucks! Starbucks has even the infiltrated Mormon community and culture.

  2. Oh, so sick of Sarah Palin! Nothing to say (at least no original thoughts).