Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News and Views on May 12th

In the News
Iranian American journalist Roxana Saberi released from prison! Yay for that. I was listening to an NPR interview with her father a few days ago where he was discussing her hunger strike and how she was so frail. It was upsetting to hear that, so I'm really glad to hear this news today.

Time flies so fast these days. I couldn't believe it has been a year since the terrible earthquake in China. Really sad pictures of the mourning that continues in China.

Do you need a little inspiration to walk to the coffee shop instead of driving? Maybe biking would be easier. Check out this story of a german suburb (yes, suburb!!) that's given up on cars.

I've been following this story of the former auto worker and alleged Nazi war criminal. At 89, he has finally been deported to Germany to face charges of his war crimes.

Speaking of war crimes, Sudan's president, Omar-al-Bashir denies any war crimes & killing of civilians in Darfur. If nothing, he has nerve.

The economy might have brought a lot of remodelling projects to a screeching halt, but look here for inspiration on something different to try when you get around to updating your bathroom. The site has plenty of house tours and apartment pictures but I find that most do not work for my suburban lifestyle. I still visit for inspiration and adaptation though.

Check out this home on Design*Sponge - although I generally gravitate to more modern looks, I love the hallway and the kid's room. Very easy, practical and yet beautiful.

Random Stuff
If you're often out and about and hungry to boot with no time to sit down for a meal, check out this review from Salon that provides edible options at fast food chains.

Rush Limbaugh vs Wanda Sykes..sounds interesting? Read more at Salon.com

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