Saturday, May 16, 2009


In India, the ruling Congress party returns to power, defeating the predictions of analysts. While this puts to rest the fears that the country will be ruled by a shakily cobbled together democracy, it means that the stronghold of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty on India continues. I sigh with relief that Dr. Manmohan Singh will continue as Prime Minister, I do wish he would develop more Independence from the Gandhi family. With the spectacular rise of scion Rahul Gandhi during this election, the hold will only grow stronger.

I've been rather amused by the latest British scandal. In a departure from the usual British sex scandal, Britain has been rocked by allegations that the Members of Parliament have been claiming some rather dubious expenses. MPs have been milking the system and claiming expenses for everything from a home theater system to manure to helipads to maintenance of a moat. Read on for the gory details

For a real scandal, read about Father CutiƩ (that name!!) - a Catholic priest who was cuaght necking with a woman in Miami. He says he supports celibacy but he just "fell short"

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